Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative Cooling and Misting Systems


Misting systems and misting fans depend upon a process known as evaporative cooling for their considerable effectiveness.


Evaporative cooling is one of nature’s most impressive tricks. Through this process, misting systems and misting fans bring cooler temperatures into buildings, warehouses, large indoor spaces, outdoor areas, events and many other locations.


Since ancient times, the concept of evaporative cooling has been used to great effect in order to cool the air and lower ambient temperatures. In essence, evaporative cooling works in lowering ambient temperatures whenever water evaporates upon the flow or passage of air. The more evaporation you have, the greater you can expect the cooling effect to be. If you have ever licked your finger and held it up to the wind, then you have seen firsthand how evaporative cooling works. Immediately, you will feel cooler air on your finger through this natural process.


Misting systems work by pumping water through rigid or flexible tubing with attached small orifice nozzles that allow the pressurized water to be released in microscopic droplets. These water droplets are often referred to as fog, mist or water vapor.


Misting pumps can be low pressure, medium pressure or high pressure. Usually, misting nozzles are made from stainless steel or brass. The orifice at the end of a misting nozzle is very narrow, usually just a few micrometers, and produces a very fine micro-mist of water droplets. This is where the “magic” of misting takes place.

Misting Systems Can Produce Dramatic and Rapid Results


Due to the fact that the mist is so fine, the water droplets evaporate almost instantly. As a result of this “immediate” or “flash” evaporation process, it is possible to dramatically reduce the temperature of outside areas by as much as 30 degrees. Equally impressive is the fact that misting systems can achieve this level of success often in just seconds.

Misting Fans Combine the Substantial Cooling Power of Evaporative and Convective Cooling


A misting fan works by blowing a mist of fine water out and into the air. In misting systems, misting pumps are the core of the system. This factor highlights the importance of having a reliable pump. The water will evaporate quickly if humidity levels are not too high, and the end result is that the heat is absorbed from the area surrounding the misting fan.


Misting fans work via a clever combination of evaporative cooling and convective cooling. You may be more familiar with convective cooling’s more widely known name, “wind chill factor.” The combination of evaporative cooling with convective cooling results in very effective cooling. Part of the attraction of misting fans is the fact that they are highly portable and can be used in a wide variety of locations.

Misting Systems and Misting Fans Will Not Get You Wet


Many people incorrectly believe that misting systems will get them wet due to the moisture that is being introduced into the environment. However, in reality, misting systems and misting fans will only get people wet if they stand within a few feet of an operational system.

Misting Systems and Fans Can Be Used in Remarkably Diverse Locations


Today, misting systems and misting fans are used in an impressive array of locations and settings. Misting is used in both residential and commercial locations. Hotels, amusement facilities, special events and outdoor settings, such as sporting events, are perfect fits for misting systems and misting fans.


Misting is also a proven solution in industrial applications, such as large factory settings including warehouses, assembly lines, loading docks and many more. Other effective uses of misting systems and misting fans include restaurant patios and residential terraces. The wide versatility of misting fans and misting systems allows this technology to be depended upon for a wide variety of projects in which cooler or lower temperatures are desired.